IWAC04, 4th International Workshop on Advanced Ceramics, December 10-12, 2010, Nagoya, Japan
December 10 - 12, 2010, Nagoya, Japan
Guideline for Presentation


Oral Presentations

For your presentation schedule and time allotted, please check the program on the website below:



  1. All the speakers may kindly note that the time allotted for their talk includes the time for Q/A. The timing will be strictly enforced by the session chairpersons.
  2. The 30, 20, 15 min-lectures are 25, 15, 10 min. talk plus 5 min. Q/A, respectively
  3. An LCD projector and notebook computer for gPower Pointh presentations will be available at the workshop venues.

<Equipment for presentation>

Oral presentation rooms will be equipped with the following items:
-1 laptop PC (Windows XP, Microsoft PowerPoint2010, Adobe Acrobat)
-1 LCD video projector
-1 screen
-1 laser pointer (You are encouraged to bring your own.)

Prepared projectors have a D-sub 15pins connector as a video interface. If you are a Macintosh user, please bring a necessary adaptor.

During the presentation, please be sure that your PC is connected to a power source to avoid battery accidents.
Electric currency is uniformly 100 volts AC throughout Japan. Electric outlet sockets accept a two-leg plug.

We appreciate your kind cooperation in running the program smoothly.



Poster Presentations

Poster session will be held from 17:30 to 18:30, 11th December 2010.

A0 format (841 mm wide, 1189 mm high) is the maximum size for the presentation board.

Paper ID will be indicated in the Program Book and on the board on-site.

Poster Presentation Location: Gymnasium at Nagoya Institute of Technology
The poster set up time and removal time are as follows:
- Setting Up time : 13:00-13:20, Dec 11
- Taking Down time : 18:40-19:00, Dec 11

Any posters remaining after 19:00, 11th December 2010, will be removed and disposed of by the Secretariat.


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Invited lectures
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Guideline for Presentation
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